When I exposed my socialistic leanings to my Uncle Baldy, a banker, I was in my late teens and enamored with ladies of the left and the ideas they liked. He responded explained that the current problems are a by-product of creeping socialism. Interesting that what he said has stuck with me for decades.

During those years I dropped out of College, got married, had a son, worked in telecommunications, drank and used drugs to the point of becoming dependent on them and had to adopt a philosophy supporting abstinence. Since then I began to examine my thinking related to every area of my life: finance, relationships and politics. Early in my recovery my amorous relationships were extremely casual and non-committal. It got to a point of exhaustion and I decided to abstain. Until I met my second wife and was faithful to her for my best but often challenging fifteen years. Following the end of our marriage my finances declined into bankruptcy. Since then I have never used a credit card or borrowed money. Abstinence seems to be my best solution. Does that work for politics too?

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