Racism: failure-to-evolve

Lately I have taken to habitually watching “editorial news” on television.  My favorite is “Morning Joe” on MSNBC but I occasionally watch Fox.  I believe that “Morning Joe” is most prone to look at both sides of an issue.  Also I have seen George Will on that show and I respect George Will’s perspective.  Yet, the show seems obsessed with the failures and mistakes of the president and republicans.  Switching between right and left leaning networks I perceive similar presentations from opposing perspectives.

I will discuss those views on racism.  The right seems to consider all colored, black to tan, people to be inferior in intellect and character.  The left, though they may silently have the same perception of colored people, consider them equal to white folks.  In the history of the United States of America Indigenous people have been exploited, conquered, enslaved , and considered stupid, lazy, immoral and dangerous.

Racism is the commitment to the opinion that every member of a race is deficient in the characteristics observed in some members.  Such an opinion may be learned from older family members, teachers or other esteemed individuals.